Allie wins the 1st ever World RAD Belt !!

Allie Rad belt

Allie – RAD Champion for June 2019 !!

The RAD (Recentest Awesomest Data) sessions have been a lab staple for a while. In these sessions, once a month at lab meeting, every one brings one piece of data that they generated in the last month, that they think is the coolest/awesomest they got. It doesnt have to be necessarily polished or publication ready or even repeated yet … and it is often something preliminary (although something that completed enough validations (finally) to make a key panel in a paper figure… or some technique that finally worked… etc. etc. are all allowed – as long as it was done in the last month).
Soooo, one of our interns this year – Sara Fioretti had this brilliant idea that we should have a competition for the best RAD data each month … which led to the RAD belt :
court with belt

And here is Allie flaunting her new belt in front of (sad!) Kenny (who wanted this to be a WWF style belt) and Sara.
ken sara allie

And the belt stays on Allie (or her chair) until the next RAD session in July …

belt on chair

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