Funding Sources for Immunology Grad Students

A compilation of places to apply for Grants if you are a pre-doctoral student in Immunology. Check individual links for the most current requirements and dates :

Typically, if you are a graduate student at the UMSOM, you dont have to worry about finding funding to support your salary & research. The program pays your salary etc for the 1st 18 months and then your thesis supervisor will support you with their grants. But there are multiple opportunities to apply for funding (which will free up lab resources & strengthen your CV). If you are an undergrad/intern, some of these will make your grad school application pretty strong:



NDSEGNDSEG – Department of Defense

NPFNational Psoriasis Foundation

Early Career Research Grants : support graduate students and postdocsto conduct psoriatic disease research independently. The goal is to put recipients in a position to compete for larger grants in the future and be in a strong position to establish successful long-term careers.

  • Typically due in October/November. Check link above for active application dates

Hertz foundation The Hertz Foundation

For studies in quantitative biology; Eligibility typically limited to Seniors applying to Grad school or 1st year Grad students : Deadlines in Fall every year

GEM National GEM foundation : Ph.D. Science fellowship

The goal of this program is to increase the number of minority students who pursue doctoral degrees in the natural science disciplines. Applicants are accepted as early as their senior undergraduate year, as well as candidates currently enrolled in a Master’s and 1st year Grad students. program also pays for summer internship :
Deadlines in Fall every year

Short-term Funding :

BDBD Biosciences

Immunology research grants

  • Provides $10,000 worth of reagents. Check eligibility criteria
  • 3 cycles every year – January, July and October
  • Interviews with winners and details of winning grant applications are online

CanadaAssociation for Canadian Studies in the United States

The ACSUS-ENDERS Graduate Fellowship In Canada-US Relations

  • Provides 6 weeks of stipend for a US graduate student to work in a Canadian Lab. Check link above for active application dates (typically March-April every year)

TylenaolTylenol Future Care

Tylenol Scholarships for a broad range of undergraduate & graduate programs

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