Selected Online Resources For Learning Immunology

A selective list of some good audio-visual resources for learning basic immunology online.

Trying to search for basic lessons in immunology on the web can be (unfortunately) excessively gratifying. For a new student, the challenge is to identify the genuinely scholarly resources – and separate them from those less so. Of course there are new resources that show up everyday and it is hard to review all of them. The purpose of this (evolving) list is to try and point to some talks/videos etc. that should help – at least as jumping off points for further study. Feel free to email us suggestions for resources that can be included here.

Warning :

It is important to point out that the best place to self-teach immunology is from a good text-book. Any of the following books are excellent for new grad students:

  • Janeway’s Immunobiology – by Kenneth Murphy [Ed] (- or the older edition : Immunobiology – by Charles Janeway)
  • Kuby Immunology – by Judy Owen, Jenni Punt, Sharon Stranford

Here, now are some of the free online resources we like :

Introduction to Immunology:

Tumor Immunology:

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