Fundamental Immunology is published !

Text Cover Since 1984, Fundamental Immunology has been THE definitive texbook for graduate/post-graduate level Immunology and the go-to reference for the state of the field. Until 2015, it was edited by the late Dr. William E. Paul. Typically, the book compiles chapters on every contemporary topic, written by experts in the field – and Dr. Paul updated the editions every 4-5 years. After Dr. Paul’s passing the book has new editors and a new name (Paul’s Fundamental Immunology) for the 8th edition. After a two year compilation effort, the book is now available: Online or at the publisher’s shop.

Dr. William E. Paul :

William E. Paul, M.D. (AAI '67, president 1986–1987) from The Amer. Assn. of Immunologists on Vimeo.

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