The Virtual World : for Micro & Immuno students

Virtual Events at M&IEver since the implementation of social distancing in responce to Covid19 (that started March 9th), the closing of all in-person seminars/lectures (March 23) and finally the shutdown of non-essential research … the Microbiology & Immunology program as a whole (in addition to efforts within individual labs) has been adapting to the new circumstances. Most of our seminars and academic events have since been moved onto virtual formats – and some new ones were added just virtually (eg. the student only forum).

Here is a quick summary of ongoing M&I Virtual events (and if you scroll down to the bottom half of the page , there are links for other virtual events of interest to Immunology students.

Regular Virtual Events @ M&I, UMSOM

Please contact Cecilia Lizer, Heather Ezelle (or listed persons) for Zoom links to these meetings

  • Weekly M&I Seminars: Either Wednesdays @4PM or Thursdays @10AM
      • Wed, 4/8 @ 4 PM : Dr. Matthew Frieman (speaking from UMSOM, Baltimore, USA), on: “Therapeutic Development for Emerging Coronaviruses including SARS-CoV-2
      • Thu, 4/16 @ 10 AM : Dr. Andreas Bergthaler (speaking from CeMM, Vienna, Austria), on “How Viruses Teach us about Systemic Immunometabolism
      • Thu, 4/23 @ 10 AM : Dr. Maria Carla Saleh (speaking from INSERM, Paris, France) on “ What the Fly gave me: Lessons about insect antiviral immunity
      • Wed, 4/30 @ 10 AM : Dr. Marc Dionne (speaking from Imperial College, London, UK)
      • Thu, 5/7 @ 10 AM : Dr. Kingston Mills (speaking from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
      • Thu, 5/14 @ 10 AM : Dr. Falk Nimmerjahn (speaking from FAU, Erlangen, Germany) on Autoimmunity, Antibody mediated effector functions and mechanisms of humoral tolerance
      • Wed, 5/20 @ 5 PM : Dr. Axel Kallies (speaking from Doherty Institute, Melbourne, Australia)


  • Weekly Virtual Student Work Seminars (MLM): Mondays @ Noon (contact: Ellis Tibbs / Franklin Ning)
  • Weekly Virtual Immunology Journal Club (IJC): Tuesdays @1PM (Contact: Anya O’ Neal)
  • Weekly Virtual Student only Discussion Forum: Thursdays @ Noon (Contact: Courtney Matson)
  • Bi-Weekly Virtual Microbial Pathogenesis Journal Club (MPJC): Alternate Thursdays (contact: Jerod Brammer)
  • Weekly Virtual Student Social hour: Thursdays @ 4PM (Contact: Heather Ezelle)


Other (non MMI) Virtual Events of interest to Immunology students

These are not run at the M&I Dept at UMSOM; Just provided as a helpful compilation

    • DFCI Virtual Series on Cancer Biology : With support from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center is pleased to invite you to a virtual seminar series intended to unite our scientific community together during this difficult time. These seminars are broadcast to researchers around the globe and recorded for subsequent viewing. Seminars occur every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All talks will be begin at 12 PM EST.




    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Science Spotlight : A twice weekly seminar series. : In this time of a global pandemic, relying on science to help us make decisions is more important than ever. Memorial Sloan Kettering is proud to announce MSK Science Spotlight, a twice-weekly scientific seminar series featuring illuminating lectures by today’s leaders in basic and translational biomedical science. Seminars are viewable via livestream every Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 pm. No registration is required. Seminars last 60 minutes, including 15 minutes for Q & A.




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