Statistics for the Immunology Graduate Student

This page lists our favorite online resources for Immunology Graduate Students to learn or review aspects of statistical analysis essential for research. Given the dynamic nature of online content, we welcome suggestions for new links to be added (as well as problems with any links below) !

Introductory lessons online :

  • Gerald E Dalal’s “Little handbook of statistical practice” : A good (and short) series of lessons on the basic concepts of statistics
  • Algobeans : A very nice blog explaining analytics in Layman’s terms
  • StatQuest : YouTube channel from Joshua Starmes at UNC, Chapel Hill, explaing important statistical tools in laymans terms. Note that some of the videos are on his other interests; but look for the Statquest ones.
  • HyperStat : A fairly comprehensive collection of statistics lessons

Good tutorial resources compiled by some journals :

Books for further reading:

  • Biostatistics for Dummies : John Pezzulo
      Despite the silly name, this book offers a simple and quickly digestible synthesis of introductory biostatistics
  • Intuitive Biostatistics : Harvey Motulsky
      Great book for getting a conceptual handle on Biostats

    Intuitive Biostatistics

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