The Polly Matzinger lectures on Danger

Dr. Polly Matzinger is running a lecture series on the “Danger model”, which is a great introduction to the concept, for new students of Immunology.

Polly originally proposed the “Danger Model” in 1992 to explain how Immune responses are initiated (Annu Rev Immunol. 1994;12:991-1045 ). The model has influenced work in both innate and adaptive immunity since then – and led to the discovery of endogenous molecules (DAMPs) that activate the immune system. PollyShe is now offering a series of lectures (available from the NIH videocast archive) which discuss different aspects of Immunology, from the vantage of the danger model. Polly is a great communicator – and beginner (as well as well-informed) immunologists will benefit from listening to the series. The links to individual lectures of the 7-part series are below (or found via the NIH site):

  1. Lecture 1: The Danger model
  2. Lecture 2 : Danger and Transplantation vs Pregnancy
  3. Lecture 3 : Danger and Tumors
  4. Lecture 4 : Danger and Class control
  5. Lecture 5 : Danger and Autoimmunity
  6. Lecture 6 : Danger and T Regulatory cells

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