CONGRATS to Gideon Wolf on defending his Ph.D thesis !!

Dr. Wolf !!!

Dr. Gideon Wolf !!!

Gideon defends his thesis in front of the UMSOM audience – an in-person defense after a long series of virtual thesis seminars.

Gideon speaks

The last 3 PhDs from the lab came back to celebrate the most recent member of the club:

The 4 amigos

Kenny, Courtney, Gideon & Allie

The Party

Gideon and Molly
Zach coordinates the preparations with Erika, Katie & Charan

preparations for the party


cleaved lat
Zach’s famous Cleaved LAT cookies !!

prep work for the party


Dr. Kaper (Dept Chair) congratulating Dr. Wolf !
Gideon with Dr. Kaper

Liz made a selfie-station (PS- Gid’s thesis focused on self-peptides & TCR signaling)

Gideon and Franklin

Courtney and Allie
Jill Baker
Ellis and Alex

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